E-Mate Pro eMMC Tool by Moorc

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Sku: 1000403

Weight: 0.5000

E-Mate Pro eMMC Tool by Moorc tech is a must have device in case you are dealing with EMMC repair.

New version Of E-Mate Pro EMMC tool available HERE:




E-Mate Pro eMMC Tool tech is one of the most outstanding andmultifunctional unlock hardware tool created and supported by Shenzhen MOOC Science and technology Co. It`s one of greatest mobile phone programmer, chip BGA test socket and innovative technology company, independent research and development and sales. It offers a variety of unlock hardware and other hardware applications since 2009.

Main Shenzhen MOOC Science and technology Co products: cell phones EMMC UFS programmer, the chip testers, chip BGA test sockets.The main target groups: chip design companies, chip applications, chip packaging and testing plant, mobile phone repair factories.

This tool supports almost all popular boxes. You can use it with Medusa Pro box, RIFF box, Z3X box (it handles LG and Samsung phones), GPG EMMC Box, UFi Box. It`s also compatible with some other eMMC boxes.

E-mate Pro EMMC tool allows to read and write from and to eMMc chips directly.

In the package you will find Socket adapters 6-in-1 and 8-in-1, SD adapter, Flash memory adapter, two-way cable RJ45, 4 bolts and 4 struts.


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