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Sku: 10000359

Weight: 0.2000

EASY JIGS by GPG 35 IN 1 created for easy work with jtag Boxes like Riff Box, Medusa, GPG EMMC, Z3X Easy Jtag. EASY JIGS by GPG 35 IN 1 provide stable connection betwean your Jtag-EMMC tool and Cell phone.



Easy Jigs by GPG 35 in 1 Package content and supported models:

  1. F01-U8800 U8800+ 
  2. F02-LG P990 P999 P993 MODEM
  3. F03-LG E510 E612 E720 E900 C550 C660 C660H C710H E400 E405 E435 E615 E720 GD880 GM730 GN750 GT540 KU3700 P350 P500 P690 P698 P705 P715 (F160S F160L F160K F200L F200S F200K F200LS-need 14P header) all the same LG 14P Pinouts
  4. F04-LG E970 E960 E973 E971 E975 F180L/S/K E975W E976 E975R E975K LS970 E978 E977 E975T LGL21 L-01E
  5. F05-F260L F260S F260K need molex header P870 L-06C .all the LG 14P JTAG Pinouts
  6. F06-LG P880G, P895, P895QB P970 SU870 K5400 SU760 P725 SU540 P760, P765, P768, P768E, P768F, P768G, P768N, P769, P769BK, P769BKGO need jtag support all the sameLG 30P JTAG Pinouts
  7. F07-LG SU640 LU6200 F100L/S/K F120L/S/K V950 MODEM:P930 P930 P935 P936
  8. F08-LG P930 P935 P936 MODEM:SU640 LU6200 F100L/S/K F120L/S/K V950
  9. F09-LG CU920 CU575 L705I L852I all the same LG JTAG Pinouts
  10. F10-I9003 I7500 T939 805sc F338 I5800
  11. F11-E110S (E220L E220S E220K NEED JTAG support
  12. F12-M110S M190S SC-02 P7500
  13. F13-S8000
  14. F14-D710
  15. F15-I535 T999 T999V I747M R530M R530U L710 I747 I547 SC-06D I437 I8552 I9082 I9152 I9205 MSM8960
  16. F16-I9020 I9023 I997 I9000 I897 T959 T959V YP-G1 T759
  17. F17-I9100G I9108 I9108X
  18. F18-E120L/S/K E160S/K I717 I727 I9210 P7320 E140L/S/K SC-05 SC-03 All sanaumg 20P phones
  19. F19-I500 I889 N7005(I9500 N7100 E210L E210S E210K NEED JTAG support)
  20. F20-I9220 I9228 N7000 M250L
  21. F21-E160L
  22. F22-I9100 N8010 P6200 P6810 I777 M250S/K P3100 P3110 P3113 P5100 P5110 P5113
  23. F23-LG F240K, F240L, F240S, E980, E980P, E985, E986, E987, E988, E989 need molex header
  24. F24-Nokia L610 L710
  25. F25-CU720 GD880 L04A L06A
  26. F26-LG L600I L704I L705I
  27. F27-LG A340
  28. F28-SAMSUNG M8400
  29. F29-SAMSUNG I937
  30. F30-LG CT810
  31. F31-LG VS930 VS870
  32. F32-ASUS A60 A80 Google Nexus 7
  33. F33-LG KU9100 KU9300 KU9600 L04B
  34. F34 - LG D820 D821 D802 F320L/S/K F340L/S/K F350L/S/K D950 VS980
  35. F35 - LG P659
  36. F1 to F35 Cable and it's Number of Flex Cable

Please note that Easy Jigs by GPG 35 in 1 require one og Jtag boxes to be used with*

Jtag Box* Cell phone unbrick tool, there are several models available:

  • Riff Box
  • Z3X Easy Jtag Box 
  • GPG EMMC Box
  • Medusa Box

All these tools are available in our store.