Radiation Geiger Counter MKS 05 Terra Pro with Bluetooth

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Sku: 1000049

Weight: 0.5000

Professional Geiger Counter with Bluetooth functionality that can connect the device with the PC. This Dosimeter can be used for beta particles and gamma rays measurement



Radiation Geiger Counter MKS 05 Terra Pro with Bluetooth

This Geiger Counter with Bluetooth functionality allows to get connection with PC. Geiger counter Terra MKS-05 Professional is a perfect device for every day use.

The delivery kit of the MKS-05 “TERRA” dosimeter-radiometer includes the software for data exchange between the device and the PC. To make the process of installation and use of the software easier, we suggest a short guide “Quick start” that can be downloaded at the field: download.

Purpose of use

  • Gamma and X-ray radiation Measurement
  • Surface beta-particles flux density Measurement
  • Ambient dose equivalent accumulation time Measurement
  • Real time measurement (clock), alarm clock.

New capabilities and Features:

  • New big display with luminescent backlight.
  • Simultaneous indication of units of measurement, threshold level and real time on the display.
  • Analog ten-segment indicator of registered radiation intensity.
  • Possibility to perform measurements with a preset error.
  • Audible, vibration and vibration-audible alarm.
  • Four level indication of battery discharge.
  • Built in memory which allows storing up to 1200 measurements.
  • Mode of Bluetooth channel.
  • Five independent measuring channels with alternate indication of data on the single liquid crystal display.
  • Built-in gamma, beta sensitive Geiger-Muller counter.
  • Prompt evaluation of gamma background within 10 seconds.
  • Automatic subtraction of gamma background at measurement of beta contamination.
  • Measurement results averaging, manually and automatically interrupted.
  • Automatic setting of measurement intervals and ranges.
  • Audible, vibration and vibration-audible alarm of each detected gamma-quantum or beta-particle with possible switching off.
  • Two-tone audible, vibration and vibration-audible alarm of exceeded programmed threshold levels.
  • Digital display backlight.
  • Two AAA size batteries.
  • Low battery indication.
  • Shock resistant body.
  • Small weight and dimension parameters.

Measurement ranges and main relative errors:        
Gamma and X-ray radiation dose equivalent rate    (137Cs)    µSv/h               0,1…9 999;           ±(15+2/H*(10))%
                                                                                             where H*(10) - µSv/h
Gamma and X-ray radiation dose equivalent            (137Cs)    µSv                  0,001…9 999;       ±15%
Beta-particles flux density (90Sr+90Y)                        1/(cm²·min)                       10…100 000;        ±(20 + 200/φβ)%
                                                                                             where φβ - 1/(cm² * min)
Dose equivalent accumulation time and accuracy of measurement:   
                                                                                             1min…9 999h;    ±0,1s per 24h   
Energy ranges of measurement and energy dependence:            
Gamma and X-ray radiation    MeV    0,05…3,0;            ±25%    
Beta radiation                             MeV    0,5…3,0;
Resolution of threshold level programming for:        
      - dose rate         µSv/h               0,01
      - dose                 mSv                 0,01
       - flux density    10³/cm²·min    0,01
Battery life                hours             1 500
Operating temperature range    °C    -20…+50
Weight                      kg                    0,20
Dimensions    mm    120×52×26

Android features of MKS-05 radiometer

Ecotest Terra MKS-05 Pro version with bluetooth is compatible with Android phones, so you can easily see and record all radiation measurements on your android baced cell phone. Ecotest GS software is fee for download from Google Play market.

Delivery kit of Radiation Geiger Counter MKS 05 Terra Pro with Bluetooth


  • MKS-05 "TERRA" dosimeter-radiometer;
  • Operating manual and CD with special software;
  • Cardboard box;
  • Leather case.

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