EMMC Functionality Activation For Riff Box Jtag

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Riff Box Jtag EMMC activation - please note that major hardware upgrade is required to activate EMMC on your Riff box



Activation is required for all boxes registered for more than 180 days (those boxes report "Account Expired" at startup message).

  • Start the software. If the message "Account Expired" appears (as shown in the picture below), the activation is required and it's not free:
  • Please note that this activation is only for Riff Box v.1 edition, all Riff Box v.2 edition already come with EMMC activated.

RIFF Box Jtag - Upgrade Procedure:


This is an initial guide for RIFF Box eMMC ISP/Direct functionality. This is not regular update, but rather a major upgrade.
As such, it will come free for all RIFF Boxes registered in the last 6 months (180 days), and of course for all new RIFF Box customers.

To prepare everything on your side for this upgrade, you will need the following:

  • RJ45 cable
  • 2 x 100 Ohms resistors
  • External source for VCC and VCCQ (optional)
  • MOORC adapters (optional)
  • EMMC Activation (if your box has been registered more than 6 months (180 days) ago)

RJ45 cable is required to connect RIFF Box to eMMC, as RIFF Box RJ45 port is used for this function.
2 x 100 Ohms resistors are required as pull up, to increase signal levels and improve stability.
External source for VCC and VCCQ is required if you don't want to open your RIFF Box in order to connect RIFF Box internal VCC voltage source. There are some adapters on the market which offer this function.

RIFF Box RJ45 port pinout:

  • 1-NC
  • 2-SD_CLK
  • 3-SD_DAT0
  • 4-SD_CMD
  • 5-NC
  • 6-NC
  • 7-NC
  • 8-GND

VCC pin is located on RIFF Box motherboard, bottom side. You can locate it if you check the additional product picture.


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