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Furious Gold Pack 13 Chimera Mobile Phone Utility activation allows you to unlock, repair and service BlackBerry, Samsung and Nokia Lumia phones.Activation is virtual.
To activate this option on your Furious product:
  1. Download and install Furious Chimera Mobile Phone Utility for FuriousGold on your computer. Chimera Mobile Phone Utility works online. Internet connection is required to use this software once it is installed.
  2. Connect a mobile phone to original cable or to the FuriousGold cable provided with the box.


Furious Gold Pack 13 Furious Chimera Mobile Phone Utility Features

BlackBerry Module

    Read Info (IMEI, SIM-Lock information, software version etc.)
    Change Software (update/downgrade software version)
    MEP Unlock (calculate correct MEP (unlock codes) for the majority of old security phones)
    Direct unlock (phones with MEP 0 are also supported)
    Repair IMEI* (it's a paid feature. You need to purchase Chimera Tool Server Credits to perform this procedure)
    Backup phone (security field)
    Restore phone (restore backups of security fields)
    Refurbish phone* (it's a paid feature. You need to purchase Chimera Tool Server Credits to perform this procedure). Repair software-related problems:
        Phone is blinking only and does not power on
        Phone is rebooting while turning on
        App Error 100-800
        Network problems
        Phone is rebooting when trying to turn the network on (for 9300, 9800, 9780, etc.)
    Advanced options (for experts):
        Nuke a phone. This procedure can be performed only if user data must be destroyed. After the process is complete you need to flash a phone with new software.
        Fix application errors. This function will flash a full working ghost image onto your phone including SFI (OS), APP and SFI2 regions too. Normally it is needed if you can not finalise the flash process with BlackBerry original update software.
        Reset lifetimer* (It's a paid feature. You need to purchase Chimera Tool Server Credits to perform this procedure)
        Change vendor ID (operator code)
        Change keyboard layouts (for QWERTZ, QWERTY, AZERTY)
        Camera reset (autodetect)
        LCD reset (autodetect)
        Auto Turn On
        Turn Java ON

Supported BlackBerry Phones:

    Blackberry 8520
    Blackberry 8520 Curve
    Blackberry 8520 Gemini
    Blackberry 8530 CDMA Curve
    Blackberry 8900
    Blackberry 8900 Curve
    Blackberry 8900 JAVELIN
    Blackberry 9000
    Blackberry 9000 Bold
    Blackberry 9000M
    Blackberry 9100
    Blackberry 9100 PEARL
    Blackberry 9105
    Blackberry 9220
    Blackberry 9300
    Blackberry 9315 Curve
    Blackberry 9320
    Blackberry 9330 CDMA Curve 3G
    Blackberry 9350 Curve
    Blackberry 9360
    Blackberry 9370
    Blackberry 9370 CDMA Curve
    Blackberry 9380
    Blackberry 9500
    Blackberry 9500 Storm
    Blackberry 9520
    Blackberry 9520 STORM 2
    Blackberry 9530
    Blackberry 9530 CDMA Curve
    Blackberry 9530 Storm
    Blackberry 9550
    Blackberry 9630
    Blackberry 9630 NIAGARA
    Blackberry 9650
    Blackberry 9700
    Blackberry 9720
    Blackberry 9780
    Blackberry 9780 Bold
    Blackberry 9790
    Blackberry 9790 Bold
    Blackberry 9800
    Blackberry 9800 TORCH
    Blackberry 9810
    Blackberry 9850
    Blackberry 9860
    Blackberry 9900
    Blackberry 9930
    Blackberry P9981
    Blackberry Q10
    Blackberry Q5
    Blackberry Z10

Samsung module features:

    Read phone info
    Repair IMEI
    OneClick phone unlock
    Unroot phone
    Backup and restore features
    Read NCK

Supported Samsung Phones:

    Samsung AT&T Galaxy S2 LTE
    Samsung AT&T Galaxy S3
    Samsung Docomo Galaxy S2
    Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200
    Samsung Galaxy Mini
    Samsung Galaxy Mini 2
    Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 S6500
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 4G
    Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo S5310
    Samsung Galaxy Pop I559
    Samsung Galaxy S Duos
    Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 S7582
    Samsung Galaxy S2
    Samsung Galaxy S3
    Samsung Galaxy S3 4G
    Samsung Galaxy S4 4G
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Active I9295
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Active LTE-A
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Active SEG-I537
    Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE
    Samsung Galaxy Y
    Samsung Galaxy Y Duos
    Samsung I9082
    Samsung i9082 Galaxy Grand
    Samsung I9100
    Samsung I9100G
    Samsung I9100L
    Samsung I9100M
    Samsung I9100P
    Samsung I9100t
    Samsung I9300
    Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III
    Samsung I9300P
    Samsung I9300T
    Samsung I9305
    Samsung I9305B
    Samsung I9305N
    Samsung I9305T
    Samsung I9500
    Samsung i9500 Galaxy S4
    Samsung N7000
    Samsung N7100
    Samsung N7100T
    Samsung S5310
    Samsung S5830I
    Samsung S6102
    Samsung S6102B
    Samsung S6500D
    Samsung S6802
    Samsung S6810P
    Samsung S7562
    Samsung S7562 Galaxy Trend Duos
    Samsung S7562L
    Samsung T-Mobile Galaxy S2

Nokia Lumia Module features

        Direct unlock, reset NCK counter
        Read original NCK from phone
        IMEI repair
        Repair phones with damaged keystore (can not be flashed after rooting)

Supported Nokia Phones

    Nokia Lumia 505
    Nokia Lumia 510
    Nokia Lumia 610
    Nokia Lumia 710
    Nokia Lumia 800


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