Furious Gold USB Key Dongle Activated with PACKS 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11

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Furious Gold USB Key Dongle is the most advanced cell phone flash/repair/unlocking solution with over 6000 Supported phones. Furious Gold USB Key Dongle is a must have tool for every tech in mobile phone unlocking industry. Latest software is available for download from official Firious Gold team website.



Furious Gold USB activated with all the packs is the ultimate package - the most full that you can find among FuriousGold releases. This tool can unlock, restore, repair and flash most of the mobile phones on the market. With FuriousGold Activated you can get the maximum power. It`s just the world greatest and most famous unlocking tool with good price.

FuriousGold is a multi function mobile phone unlocking and repairing software. It has 12 packs and they including over 69 modules which are created specially for each of mobile brands.

So, here`s a few unique features of Furious Gold USB Dongle:

  • Furious Gold modules are unlimited. You buy it once and you will have ability to unlock any quantity of phones and you don`t have to pay for anything ever again.

  • Exclusive support, mainentance and updates provided by FuriousTeam during the last 8 years

  • FuriousGold modules are working without licenses, credits, logs or any of this unlock software.

  • Prevailing FuriousGold modules can work offline and there`s no internet connetion needed

  • This key dongle Includes support area with over 250GB information data

  • Furious Gold key including 12 months FREE support and updates. When the support is expired you can renew it directly from your account for a small annual fee. Also you can keep using your Furious Gold hardware without an access to the latest updates if you`re ok with it.

  • Secure and Easy access to support area in one click. You do not have to remember any password. Your password is saved right inside your FuriousGold device.


After you purchased FuriousGold USB key in our store, register your device on FuriousGold website and your account will be fully activated.

Furious Gold USB Key Dongle package content:

  USB Key - 1 pcs
  Furious Gold Smart card activated with PACKS 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11 - 1pcs

Furious Key/Dongle 

How to use furious remote unlock service:


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