Gamma Sapience radiation counter for android os

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The Gamma Sapiens radiation tester is created and manufactured for an gamma radiation detection and measure the level of radiation accumulated dose in everyday life. It works on Android OS gadgets over the Bluetooth channel in real time using the GS Ecotest software that is available for free download on Google Play.



Main features of Gamma Sapiens geiger counter

Radiation level can be measured distantly (up to 5 m between the detector and the smartphone/tablet). It enables the user to avoid the risk of radiation exposure;
while measuring radiation you can use your smartphone/tablet functionally;
the user can choose the most handy form of dosimetric data representation;
dosimetric data can be stored in a database on the smartphone/tablet with the possibility to further view it within a certain period of time;
wide operating temperature range – from -18 °С to +50 °С (0°F to 122°F);
rugged body – ingress protection rating IP30;
independent power supply – two AAA batteries.

Gamma Sapiens is perfect for those who require:

monitoring of personal radiation safety;
monitoring of apartments, buildings and constructions, household items, clothes, banknotes, soil surface and vehicles exposed to radiation;
evaluation of the radiation situation in areas for nature-based recreation, tourism, hunting, and fishing.

Gamma Sapience package content:

"Gamma Sapiens" intellectual gamma radiation detector;
 leather case;
 Operating manual;
 ААА batteries – 2 pcs;
 Packing box.



1 Measurement range of gamma radiation DER μSv/h 0,1 – 5000 2 Main relative permissible error limit of gamma radiation DER measurement with confidence probability of 0.95 (calibrated relative to 137Cs) % 25+2/Н*(10), where H*(10) is a numeric value of the measured DER in μSv/h 3 Measurement range of gamma radiation DE mSv 0,001 - 9999 4 Main relative permissible error limit of gamma radiation DE measurement with confidence probability of 0.95 % 25 5 Energy range of registered gamma radiation MeV 0,05 – 3,00 6 Energy dependence of the detector readings at gamma radiation DER and DE measurements in the energy range from 0.05 MeV to 1.25 MeV % ±25 7 Range of the Bluetooth interface for a smartphone/tablet connection, not less than m 5 8 Battery life (ENERGIZER AAA×2 of 1280 mAh capacity) under natural background radiation conditions, not less than hour 60 9 General operating supply voltage of the detector from two AAA batteries V 3,0 10 Dimensions, not more than mm 19х40х95 11 Weight without batteries, not more than kg 0,05

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