GVAIO Iphone 4S Unlock SIM Updatable 20 pcs. PACK + GVAIO Dongle

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Gevey dongle is made to allow updating your Gevey sim card to the latest version. Gevey sim card is used for Iphone4 unlock


Gevey ultra sim card specially made for iphone 4G unlock. This version does not require dialing 112 number, support all versions of iOS up to iOS 5 Beta Gevey Ultra support`s • iOS 4.1 • iOS 4.2 • iOS 4.2.1 • iOS 4.3 • iOS 4.3.1 • iOS 4.3.2 • iOS 4.3.3 • iOS 4.3.4 • iOS 4.3.5 • iOS 5 Beta Gevey Ultra futures Provides two different ways to unlock your iPhone4 Manual Process: • Recommended for basic users • Works with iOS 4.1 - 5 beta • Setup time will take less than 3 minutes Automatic Process: • Recommended for expert users only • Works with iOS 4.1 - 5 beta • No need to dial 112 emergency number • iPhone4 jailbreak required Gevey Ultra Unlock 1. Cut your SIM card so it can fit into the Gevey tray and leave some room for the IC chip. You will find two micro sim stickers in the package. Those will guide you. 2. Turn off your iPhone and insert your SIM card, mounted with Gevey SIM, into the phone. 3. Turn on your iPhone and wait for the welcome menu. Then select "Cancel". 4. Click on "Settings". Then click on "Phone", "SIM Applications" and "Instructions". A Welcome menu will pop up. 5. Select "Accept" and wait 15 sec. 6. Wait untill 1 signal bar will appear in the upper left corner of the phone and dial 112. End call immediately. 7. Turn on Airplane Mode. After 40 sec. you will see "No SIM card installed" message. Turn off Airplane Mode. 8. You will see "SIM Failure". Click "OK" and ignore the message. 9. Wait untill you see your carrier name. Now your iPhone is unlocked. 10. If the process has failed, repeat the procedure. It may take up to 3 tries. Package content Gevey Ultra-1pc Gevey Ultra tray-1pc

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