How To Order

On this page we would like to explain ordering process from

  • There are two ways to order from our webstore:

1: As a Guest

  • Guest option is good in case you like to make only one single order from our store, you will be not able to see this order in your orders history as there was no customers account created.

2: As a registered Member

Ordering as a registered member has many advantages.

  • All your orders will be available in your account/orders history. It is a nice to have feature as it will be easy to locate an order that you have made from our store .
  • For all registered customers we offer loyalty program, as soon as your orders total reaches 1000USD you will be entitled for a 5% Store Discount.
  • You can safe all your shipping addresses and then select correct one for the current order from the list.

How to order as a Guest:

  • Open a product page that you would like to purchase and click "Add to Cart" .You can add several items to your shopping cart.


  • Enter Your shopping cart 


  • Click on "Proceed to checkout"


  • Select "Checkout as guest"


  • Complete all required steps such as:

*Billing Address information
*Shipping Address information
*Select shipping company
*Select payment method
*Confirm the order and process the payment

7. You will receive E-mail confirmation of your order.

Ordering as a registered member is very similar to ordering as a Guest, the only one difference is that you need to create account before place your order. Click HERE to create customers account.