Hua Tools Activation Additional functionality for Best Dongle

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Add Hua Tools activation features on your Infinity-Box/Dongle Smart-Card . Hua Tools activation will be added directly to your card serial number.



Hua Tools Activation for Best Dongle :

Now it is possible to activate Hua Tool features on your Best Dongle and Infinity-Box Smart-Card
This means that you can add Hua Tool software onto your Infinity Smart-Card and save a lot of time and money waiting for the delivery of new additional Dongle.
Hua Dongle Activation available for the next Infinity products:
Main Infinity-Box
Infinity-Box Dongle
Infinity-Box (BEST)
Infinity-Box CDMA-Tool

How to buy:
Click to buy this activation first
During the checkout procedure, provide us with your Best Dongle  S/N
Update your Infinity Best Dongle Smart-Card firmware with Dongle Manager
Run Hua Dongle software

Activation process: download step-by-step Manual (PDF format)
Important: Hua Tool Software will work with Activation starting from HUA Dongle (All-in-One)_Rev1.3.4

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