Inferno Tool Unlimited Functionality Activation for Inferno Dongle

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Inferno Tool One Year Unlimited Functionality Activation for Inferno Dongle : Read Information, Flash file, Write Flash File, Unlock Phone, Unlock USB, Reset Pattern Lock(EMMC), Reset Pin lock(EMMC) and many more features available.



Inferno Tool 1 Year Unlimited Functionality Activation for Inferno Dongle 

Important information:  To activate Inferno tool on Volcano Box or Inferno Dongle without activation kindly provide us Inferno ID(Serial) and Activation code. Please check insteuctions below :

1.Run Inferno exe
2.Please browse Inferno folder & go to “/tools/Dog”
3.Find “DogToken(xxxxxxxxx).bin”
4.Inferno Run fine then look at the bottom left corner .
5.. You will see SN: XXXXXXXXX – XXXX
6. 1st (nine) 9 digits are your serial number and last (four) 4 digits are your activation code 

Kindly take to your attention that there are two software type of Inferno Tool, one is for Key and another for Volcabo Box owners .

Here is link to download Inferno Tool for Key/Volcano Box

Usefull info for Volcano Box owners:

All  Volcano Box users with Merapi Pack activated are entitled to use online version of Inferno Tool Free Of Charge ( Volcano Box should be connected to the internet to use Inferno functionality ). Inferno Tool Activation gives you the ability to use Inferno Tool in offline mode (without internet connection).

List of available functions

  1. Read Information
    • Read Information
    • Read Information (Extended)
  2. Read Flash (bin)
  3. Write Flash (bin)
  4. Unlock Phone
    • Unlock USB
      • Reset Pattern Lock ( EMMC )
      • Reset Pin Lock ( EMMC )
      • Reset Password Lock ( EMMC )
      • Reset Theft Lock ( EMMC )
      • Clear FRP ( EMMC )
      • Format Clear Lock
    • Unlock ADB
      • Reset Pattern Lock ( ADB )
      • Reset Pin Lock ( ADB )
      • Reset Password Lock ( ADB )
      • Reset Theft Lock ( ADB )
      • Clear FRP ( ADB )
    • Bootloader FastBoot
  5. Format
    • Auto Format
    • Total Format
    • Part Format
    • Wipe Data / Cache
  6. Backup Factory File
  7. Write Factory File
  8. Clear Virus
  9. Root
    • Root ( ADB )
    • Root ( USB )
  10. ADB Model
    • Connect
    • Read Information
    • Root
    • Unroot
    • Backup Factory Files
    • Read NV
    • Write NV
    • Clear Locks
  11. Feature Phone
    • Read Flash
    • Write Flash
    • Format
  12. Write IMEI

Kindly check  the manual with detailed instructions on how to work with Inferno Dongle before placing order.

Inferno Tool Unlimited Functionality Activation for Inferno Dongle - Package Content: *

  • 1 Year Inferno Tool Unlimited Functionality Activation for Inferno Dongle – 1 pc.( Activated virtualy accordingly to mentioned information while placing order )