IP-Box 2 IPhone / Ipad programmer

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IP-Box 2 device for repairing programming and servicing iPhones and iPads.
This Iphone/Ipad high-speed programmer is ment for use by advanced users only, proficient in iPhone/iPad IC chip removal. Service Operation can be performed after the chip is removed such as  read/write/repair it with the help of IP-Box 2 IC Reader.



IPBox 2 Supported Features:


  • Hard Disk Repair, data extraction, Hard Disk testing
  • Backup/Write Hard Disk Data ( supports Full Flash Reading/Writing/Erasing)
  • Update iPhone Hard Disk (upgrade memory)
  • Read/Write/Fix SPI Flash IC
  • Backup/Write fingerprint eeprom
  • iPhone/iPad Info Change (SN, WIFI Mac Address, BT Mac Address, Local, Modem)
  • Detects ID, type, capacity and other information

IP Box 2 NAND Repair for Iphone/Ipad


EEPROM: Read, Write, Erase Apple  Baseband IC features:


Apple device NAND flashing, Read, Write, Erase features


IP-Box 2 In the Package:

  1. 1 X IP-BOX 2
  2. 1 X LGA52 / 60 a test stand IC Adapter
  3. 1 X SPI font (Apple baseband font) Simple Block, a wiring board
  4. 1 X EEPROM (apple chips) Simple Block, a wiring board
  5. 1 X USB data line

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