Kulankendi dongle ( KK Dongle)

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Kulankendi dongle ( KK Dongle) is unlock, language change, phone code resetting, life timer resetting and software repairing gear for ZTE, Huawei, Amoi, Alcatel, LG, SFR, Samsung, PCMCIA, EXpressCard, USB Datacards, Merlin, Novatel, Option, Plusfon, Playset, Sagem also for Laptop BIOS service password code/string generator.


Kulankendi dongle ( KK Dongle) is unlock, language change, phone code resetting, life timer resetting and software repairing gear for ZTE, Huawei, Amoi, Alcatel, LG, SFR, Samsung, PCMCIA, EXpressCard, USB Datacards, Merlin, Novatel, Option, Plusfon, Playset, Sagem also for Laptop BIOS service password code/string generator. Kulankendi dongle ( KK Dongle) support Alcatel modems by IMEI: • X020x • X030X • X060x • X070x • X080x • X100x • X200x • X210x • X215x • S220L • X225L • X225S • X228L ZTE • MF330 • MF620 • MF622 • MF622+ • MF626 • MF627 • MF628 • MF630 • MF632 • MF636 • MF100 • MF100 Kievstar • MF112 • Huawei Routers o E960 o E968 o E970 o B932 o B933 o B970 o B200 o B200w o B260a • Huawei E220 • Huawei Mi-Fi modem E585 • Huawei E620 with 226 detected firmware • Huawei MiFi o E5830 o E5832 o E5836 o E5838 o E5857 o E585 Vodafone/ZTE • K3520-Z • K3565-Z KK Dongle (Kulankendi) Huawei Code Calculation by IMEI • E156G • E160 • E160G • E161 • E166 • E166G • E169 • E169g • E170E170G • E172 • E172G • E176 • E180 • E180G • E180V • E180S • E181 • E182 • E226 • E230 • E510 • E620 • E270 • E271 • E272 • E630 • E630+ • E660A • E800 • E870 • E155x • E1550 • E1553 • E1612 • E1615 • E1616 • E1609 • E1630 • E1632 • E1690 • E1692 • EC325 • EG162 • EG162G • EG602 • K2540 • K3520 • K3565 • K3715 • K3735 KK Dongle Laptops futures Laptop BIOS service password code/string generator: • DELL BIOS/HDD (D35B / 595B / 2A7B / A95B) • HP • Fujitsu-Siemens • Samsung • Phoenix Generic Kulankendi dongle ( KK Dongle) support for Alcatel/Vodafone MTK codes calculation by IMEI : i708,Mandarina Duck, Miss sixty, Playboyot280, ot303, ot360, ot363, ot383, ot600, ot660, ot708, ot800, v331, v570, v670, v770, vM621is215, s218, s319, s32, s320, s321, s520, s621, s852, s853 c651,ot103,ot203,ot203A,ot203E,ot556,ot756,s521,vm800 C551, C552, C652, C750 E101FLIP,OT303,OT360,OT363,OT383,OT600,VM621I,OT660,Ot708,I708, C551,C552,C652,C750,OT800,Vodafone 541, Vodafone 547 KK Dongle LG tool LG 2G INFINEON: KE600,KE608,KE770,KE800,KE850,KE858,KE970,ME770,ME970, KP500,KP501,KP502, KS360,GT360,GT365, TE360,TE365 LG3G Models Supported :KU990, U990, KU250, KU380, U960, U370, U250, KE990, CU920, KF700, KC910, KC910(2009), KC910(2009 Newest protection), KC910i, KC910-H3G, TU915, KF310, CU720, U970, KU385, KE990c, KC910Q, KU970, HB620T, KE990d, KF700-H3G, KB770, KF310-H3G, KU990d, KF701, KU990R, KU990i, KU990iGO, TU515, BL20, BL20E, BL20V, BL20T,BL40, BL40GO, BL40E BL40V, BL40T, BL42, BL42K, E850, KE858, KE970, ME770, ME970, KS360, GT360, GT365 KP500, KP501, KP50BL42E, GU280, GU280f, GU285, GU285f, GU285g KE600, KE608, KE770, KE800, K2, TE360, TE365 Kulankendi dongle ( KK Dongle) Samsung futures TDSCDMA B2700, B2703, C5110, C5130, C5130S, C5130U, I5700, I688, I8910, I8910U, J800, J800R, J808, J808E, L288, L700, L708, P270, S5550AGERE B300, E520, X808, C3010, C3010C, C3010S, C3050, C3050C, C3053, C3053C C3060, C3060C, S3500, S3500C, S3501C, S3500I, M310, M310G, M310L M310V, M310W, M318, M320, M320L, M620, M620N, M628, M2510, M2510C, M628N, C3060R S3030, S3030C, S3500, S3500C, S3500I, S3501C, S5150, B520, B528, B3313, B3110, E1410 A127, B100, B108, B200, B300, B320, B500, B508, B510, B518, B520 B528, C120, C130, C140, C170, C180, C200, C216, C225, C230, C240, C250 c260, C300, C308, C400, C500, C506, C520, i300, i310, i320, i400 i408, i505, i600, i607, i700, D100, D307, D347, D357, D407, D410 D415, D428, D520, D550, D710, D720, D730, D800, D830, D840, E105 E116, E210, E215, E218, E300, E315, E316, E317, E318, E320, E356 E400, E418, E490, E530, E560, E570, E620, E720, E770, E790, E810 E840, E850, E860, E870, E880, E900, E910, E950, V100, V200, X120 X138, X140, X150, X156, X160, X200, X210, X300, X400, X426, X427 X430, X450, X461, X466, X475, X478, X480, X481, X486, X500, X507 X510, X520, X530, X610, X630, X636, X660, X680, X680N, X770, X800, X810 X820, X830, X840, X900, U100, U108, U300, U308, U400, U600, U600B U608, U608B, M300, M310, M318, M600, M620, M628, L200, L320, L328 J600, J600E, J600G, J610, J618, F200,F208, F210, F300, F308, F308B P100, P207, P300, P310, P400, P520,P705, P710, P730, P735, P777 P900, T519, T609, T629, T649, T719, B3210, B3210M, B3310, B3210C, S5150, S5150CBROADCOM A401, A401/J160/J160L, J400, J750, B460 J408, J758, S5230W, S5233W, S5233T, S5230C, S5230G, S5230Y, S5620,B5310 S3650C, S3650H, S3653 S3650, S5230, S5233, S5233A, S5233S, S7070,QUALCOMM A811, A812, A837, F490V, F700V, G400L, L180, L400V, L760G A412, A551, A637, A706, A708, A766, A777, L170V, U700W T919, J600e, P910, P920, Z100, Z105(u,v), Z107(u,v), Z110, Z130, Z140, Z150, Z230, Z300, Z310, Z330, Z350, Z360, Z400, Z400v, Z500, Z510, Z520, Z540, Z550, Z560, Z700, ZM60, ZV10, ZV30, ZV30 NEW, ZV40, ZV50, ZX20 A411, A701, A707, A717, A727, A736, A737, A747, A767, A801, A821, A827, C130, C3250, D840, E116, E210, E900, E950, F200, F300, F330, F338, F400, F480, F490, F700, G800, G808, I900, J200, J208, J630, J638, L170, L400, L760, L760v, L766, L76G, L770, L810, M8800, P960, S720, S730, S7220, S8000, S8003, S8300, T639, T649, T819, U700, U700B, U700v, U708, U708B, U800, U900, X510, X520, X630, X680, X820, X830, Z170, Z240e, Z248, Z360 NEW, Z368, Z650i NEW, Z720, Z720 MC Laren, ZV60, M7500, S7350, S7350C, S7350D, S7350E S7350I, S7350F, L760W, L768, L768V, L770V, L810V, T729, T739, M8800C, M8800H, M8800L S5600, S5600V, S8000, S8003, S8300, S8300V, S7230, S7250, M7600, F480, F490 C5220, S5603, S5600L, S8300T, S8000C, S8000H, S8000U, I8910, I8910U, S3370 New, S3370N New KK dongle World fastest SL3 bruteforce Because SL3 algo is highly optimized, please TAKE CARE for good cooling and proper power supply! Remember that power supply efficiency is never counted as 100%, most power supplies have about 80% of efficiency. So if your system consumes 500Watt at stress then you need at least 700Watt Power Supply.• 1280 - RM-647 • 1616 - RH-125 • 1800 - RM-653 • 2690 – RM-635 • 2700c, 2700c-2 – RM-561 • 2730c-1, 2730c – RM-578 • 2730c-1b – RM-579 • 3600s – RM-352 • 3710a-1 RM-509 • 3710a-1b RM-510 • 3711a-1 RM-511 • 3720c – RM-518 • 3720c-2 – RM-518 • 5130, 5130c-2 – RM-495 • 5130c-2 – RM-496 • 5228 - RM-588 • 5230 - RM-593 • 5232 - RM-594 • 5233 – RM-629 • 5310 Xpress Music – RM-303 • 5530 – RM-504 • 5630 Xpress Music – RM-431 • 5630d-1 – RM-431 • 5730s-1 Xpress Music – RM-465 • 5800d – RM-356/428 • 6120c – RM-243 • 6300 – RM-217 • 6303c – RM-443 • 6303ci (RM-638) • 6500c – RM-265 • 6500s-1 – RM-240 • 6700c-1, 6700c – RM-470 • 6700s – RM-576 • 6710s navigator – RM-491 • 6720c – RM-424 • 6730c-1 – RM-547 • 6750 Mural – RM-381 • 6760s – RM-573 • 6790s – RM-492/599 • 7210c, 7212c – RM-436 • 7230 (RM-604) • C3-01 - RM-640 • C5-00 – RM-645 • C5-03 – RM-697 • C6-00 – RM-612/624 • C6-01 – RM-601/718 • C7-00 – RM-675 • E5-00 – RM-632 • E52-1 – RM-469 • E55-1 – RM-482 • E63 – RM-437/450 • E66 – RM-343/345/420/494 • E7-00 - RM-626 • E71 – RM-346/347/357/407/493 • E72-1 – RM-530 • E72-2 – RM-529 • E73 – RM-658 • N8-00 – RM-596 • N86 – RM-484/485/486 • N97 – RM-505/506/507 • N97-4 mini – RM-555 • N97-5 – RM-553 • X3-02 – RM-639 • X3-00 - RM-540 • X5-01 – RM-627 • X5-01 - RM-627 • X6-00 – RM-551/559Package content KulanKendi ( KK dongle )-1pc