Mazur Instruments PRM-8000 Handheld Radiation Detector

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Sku: 1000266

Weight: 0.7000

Mazur Instruments Geiger counter detects alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiation ray. Durable body, compact design Radiation counter


PRM-8000 Product Features

  • Japanese text support, detects alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiation with American made LND 712 GM tube
  • Scan items for radiation and detect Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM)
  • Measurement Range 0.001 to 200 mR/hr (0.01 to 2,000 uSv/hr) with +/-10 percent typical accuracy
  • Monitors Elapsed Time, Average, Minimum and Maximum dose rate in uR/hr, mR/hr, uSv/hr, CPS or CPM
  • LED, beeper and headphone jack; internal data logging, timed measurements, dose rate alarm

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