Octoplus aka Octopus Box Samsung plus LG + SE Edition

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Weight: 1.1000

Octopus box is an easy to use, frequently updated ultimate service tool for LG/Samsung/Sony and other mobile phone brands.



Octopus box developed to flash/service/unlock Samsung, LG and other cell phones.

How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920T by Octopus Box

In the package:
  • Octopus Box with smart-card inside
  • Optimus cable set 19 pcs. (mixed Samsung and LG Cables):
  • Optimus Cable
  • Samsung E210 2-in-1
  • Samsung V804 / Z150 2-in-1
  • Samsung Micro UART C3303K (with 530K resistor)
  • LG 7050 cable
  • LG A2 cable
  • LG FOMA cable
  • LG KE500 cable
  • LG KF300 cable
  • LG KG190 cable
  • LG KG300 cable
  • LG KG800 cable
  • LG KH1200/2200 cable
  • LG KH4500 cable
  • LG KU 311 cable
  • LG Micro-UART cable
  • LG U81XX cable
  • LG U8XX cable
  • USB A-B cable
6 months (with 20 GB download limit) of FREE access to flash file download area at Boot-Loader V2.0

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