Hot deal for unlock hardware and software

As a sign of respect and gratitude to our customers we provide you with the most necessary and popular products at a substantial discount, subject to availability of stock. On this page you will find discounts on various types of equipment to unlock, root, flash and repair your devices. As such equipment and additional facilities are:

  • Boxes and dongles - equipment to unlock the phone. Note that each of the unlock devices are suitable only for one brand or processor type. Click on the products from the catalog to clarify this and other important information.
  • Cables and cable sets to connect the device to PC and boxes or to charge unlock equipment. Cables can be individual (for individual device families) and universal. To clarify the specifications, go to the product pages.
  • Credits for unlocking software.
  • The unlocking software activations which allow to purchase software and hardware for permanent use instead of temporary.
  • USB-hubs which allow unlocking multiple devices at the same time, and make possible the parallel charging of several smartphones and the unlocking devices.

Also, in this section you can find discounts for Geiger counters. This is a special mobile devices to determine the level of radiation in the streets or indoors. We offer a wide range of Geiger counters with a variety of features and different kits.

Please note that the list of discounted products is updated periodically. Regularly check this page to keep abreast of all updates.