R-Sim11 Iphone 5/5s/6/6s also 7 Unlocking Card for IOS up to 10x

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Sku: 1000420

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RSim11 Suitable to unlock any:

  • iPhone 5, 5S and 5C
  • iPhone 6 and 6S
  • iPhone 7 


R Sim 11 Product Description

This new SIM interposer’s supports all iOS versions (up to iOS 10.x) and both Nano and Micro SIM cards.

All you need to do is insert R-SIM11 with your new SIM and follow the on-screen instructions according to your device!


  • New Nanotech. Mini and Stable
  • Universal solution.
  • iOS 10. compatible (AU, SB and Sprint phones compatible)


  • RSIM 11 Interposer
  • Micro to Nano SIM adaptor (for use with iPhone 4S)
  • Tray Clip
Please Note:
Some SIM cards may not be able to get 3G data and/or getting “No Service” after the configuration. In this case you will need to purchase a software patch (compatible up to iOS 8.1.4 only).
GeveyStore recommends the use of 64Kb SIM cards for perfect compatibility.

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