GC Pro RPL File Service/Unlock code for GCPro Box/Key 59th Update users

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RPL File/Unlock code for GC Pro Box/Key 59th Update
To receive RPL file please upload your GC pro ASK file while ordering the product



  • World's 1st & Very Exclusive Solution

    • Added support for Samsung Reactivation Lock Remove for QCOM & others phone
      • World First & Very Exclusive !!
      Must have eng root or adb with root.
    • Added support for Samsung APP Locked Phone ASK/RPL Base Unlocking...
      • World First & Very Exclusive !!
      ASK read need root & must select modem port. write RPL do not need root. 
      RPL will be provide by GPG resellers check main sales section or GPG reseller list.
    • Added support for samsung qcom old phones bypass Knox ..
      • World First & Very Exclusive !!
      Bypass Knox is use to avoid combination firmware flashing for warranty void phones.. if combination not worked on your phone possible BYPASS KNOX will not work too.
      It's BETA
    • Added Motorola new security patch & models Enable ADB Support.Steps are exactly same as before no need fastboot mode just Factory Mode.


  • GCMOD method.
  • adb_unlock fail to read full info.
  • sprint unlock for N910P rev 5.
  • sprint unlock with root come case its show false success.(J727P rev 3,J327P rev 3 is not possible to unlock at present)
  • improved adb handler.

GC pro ASK/RPL service ordering procedure:

  • Flash ENG Root and read *.ASK file from Latest software.
    • To Read *.ASK file from G95x,N950x, such phones which do not have root
      • Reflash stock Firmware & then flash "Sprint Unlock Firmware" (which can be download from support area) & read *.ASK file & then Reflash stock Frimware wait for *.RPL from your Reseller. once you get your *.RPL write in while phone have stock firmware.
    • To Read *.ASK file from J327,J727
      • Reflash stock Firmware after that reflash combination WITHOUT SYSTEM.IMG to read *.ASK
  • Send that *.ASK file to your Reseller.
  • ASK2RPL Calculation could be Instant to 24 hours (Monday to Friday)
  • After you got your RPL, Write it back to phone.
  • After Write RPL, your phone will be unlocked. (Hardreset may need in some cases)
  • Unlock App will not Disappear
  • Unlock Will be Permanent & Phone will not Relock
  • *.RPL can be used only on phone which its readed.. life time
  • *.ASK read or *.RPL write do not touch imei,qcn,network etc.. if your phone have any issue make sure you verify before read ASK/RPL.. with *#0011# MIPI should be fail and IMEICERT should not FAIL

To use new GC pro functionality you have to install new update software:

  • Please go to support download latest GCPROKEYupdate59.
  • Make sure latest GCPROKEYupdate59
  • Make sure latest Java installed in pc if not use this link to install it. https://java.com/en/download/
  • Make sure you have no other box/dongle/smart card connected to pc.
  • Make sure laptop if you are using charger is connected and GCPro box/dongle connected to USB 2.0
  • Make sure If you fail to understand steps or have issue with English reading i suggest you to contact your reseller and ask him help for your card update..
  • If you fail to update you may lost your GCPro..
  • Make sure you do not lost internet,power,pc off etc, we won't be responsible for you card brick.You are doing at your own risk. You must follow steps and do exactly what we said.
  • If you have any issue in understanding steps please talk with your reseller & tell him to update for you. Each card only allowed once to update.. You can not use ANY OLD version after update.
  • Go to updatexx\updatetool\ folder open GCPROUPDTOOLOK select Update GCPro press do job.

Delivery time of RPL file is 24-72 Hours


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