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 Pack 3 Activation : New activation from Sigma Key team for FRP remowal of Hi-Silicon and Qualcomm Huawei Android Cell phones.
FRP - Factory Reset Protection helps keep your data safe if your phone is lost or stolen, but you need to remember to disable it before a new user can set it up and sign in. Sigma Pack 3 will help you to complete FRP removal for mentioned Huawei phones

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Pack 3 Activation for Sigma Box / Dongle / Key enables FRP REMOVE feature for next Huawei phones:

  • Hi-Silicon Huawei Android smartphones
  • Qualcomm Huawei Android smartphones

Every Sigma Box, dongle, key owner can activate Pack 3 and get access to these particular and future features that will be added as new updated for Sigma pack 3, which will be introduced in this Pack.

After you receive Sigma Pack 3 activation code just activate it as shown on the picture:


Sigma Pack 3 Huawei Supported phones for FRP removal:

Huawei (Qualcomm Android):

  • Qcom Android: T-Mobile Move Balance, Unite Q, 007HW, Ascend G300, Ascend G300C, Ascend G301, Ascend G330D, Ascend G520, Ascend G525, Ascend II, Ascend Y100, Ascend Y101, Ascend Y200, Ascend Y201, Ascend Y201 Pro, Ascend Y210, Ascend Y300, Ascent G312, Astro, Beeline E300, Blaze, Boulder, Buddy, C8150, C8500, C8500S, C8511, C8550, C8650, C8650 Plus, C8800, C8813, C8860E, CHT8000, Cloudfone Temptation, Fusion, Fusion 2, Gaga, Globe Cloudfone Ice, Honor, Honor Plus +, Huawei Ideos X5, HWM835, Ideos, Ideos Chat, Ideos X1, Ideos X3, Impulse 4G, Ivy, Joy, Juni, Kyivstar Aqua, Kyivstar Terra, M835, M860 Ascend, M865, MegaFon, NEO, Phoenix, Pro, Pulse Mini, RBM2, RBM3, S31HW Softbank, Selina, Smile, Sonic, Sonic Plus, SPARK, Speed, T-Mobile Ascend G312, T-Mobile Comet, T-Mobile myTouch, T-Mobile myTouch Q, T-mobile Prism, T-Mobile Pulse, T-Mobile Pulse mini, T-Mobile Pulse Mini, T-Mobile Rapport, TMN A1, Turkcell T20, U8100, U8100-5, U8100-9, U8105 U8107, U8109, U8110, U8120, U8150, U8150-92, U8160, U8160-U, U8180, U8180-5, U8180v, U8185, U8186, U8220, U8220 PLUS, U8225D life:) Belarus, U8230 U8300, U8350, U8500, U8510, U8510-0, U8510-1, U8510-7, U8511, U8520 Deuce, U8520 Duplex, U8530, U8600, U8650, U8650-1, U8651, U8651S, U8651T, U8652, U8652-51, U8655 U8655-1, U8660, U8661, U8665, U8666, U8666E, U8666N-1, U8667, U8680, U8681, U8685D, U8687, U8730, U8800, U8800 Pro, U8800-51, U8800H, U8815, U8816, U8818, U8820, U8825D, U8833, U8850, U8860, u8867z, U8950 Ascend G600, U8950D Ascend G600D, U8951 Ascend G510, U8951D Ascend G510, U9000, UM840, V845, Vision, Vodafone 858 Smart, Y201D, Y210D, Y5, Y560-L01, Y560-L02, Y560-L02, Y625-U13, Y625-U21, Y625-U32, y625-u51

Huawei Hi-Silicon Android FRP removal supported smartphones :

  • 402HW, 403hw, 7D-501L, 7D-501u, 7D-503L
  • 7D-503LT, 7D-504L, ALE-CL00, ALE-L01, ALE-L02
  • ALE-L03, ALE-L21, ALE-L22, ALE-L23, ALE-L32
  • ALE-L34, ALE-L52, ALE-L53, ALE-L62, ALE-TL00
  • ALE-UL00, Ascend D2, Ascend P2, CHC-U01,
  • CHC-U03, CHC-U23, Che2-L03, Che2-L11, Che2-L12
  • Che2-L23, Che2-TL00, Che2-TL00H, Che2-TL00M
  • Che2-TL10, Che2-TL10M, Che2-UL00, Che2-UL10
  • CHM-CL00, CHM-CL10, CHM-TL00, CHM-TL00H
  • CHM-TL10, CHM-TL10H, CHM-U01, CHM-U23
  • CHM-UL00, CHM-UL10, CRR-CL00, CRR-CL20
  • CRR-L09, CRR-TL00, CRR-UL00, CRR-UL20
  • D2-0082, D2-5000, D2-6070, D2-6114, DAV-701L
  • DAV-702L, DAV-703L, DAV-713L
  • dtab Compact d-02H, EVA-AL00, EVA-AL10
  • EVA-L09, EVA-L19, EVA-L29, EVA-TL00, EVA-xxx
  • G Play, G play mini, G735-L03, G735-L11, G735-L12
  • G735-L23, Glory 6+, GRA-CL00, GRA-CL10, GRA-L03
  • GRA-L09, GRA-L13, GRA-TL00, GRA-TL10
  • GRA-UL00, GRA-UL10, H30-L01, H30-L01M, H30-L02
  • H30-L11, H30-L12, H60-J1, H60-L01, H60-L02
  • H60-L03, H60-L04, H60-L11, H60-L12, H60-L21
  • Honor 3C, Honor 4C, Honor 4C Play, Honor 4X
  • Honor 6, Honor 6 Plus, Honor 7
  • Honor 7 Premium Edition, Honor 7 Standard Edition
  • Honor 7 Standard Edition Dual SIM, Honor 8V
  • Honor Spree 4x Dual SIM, JAZZ-L09, Jazz-TL00
  • Jazz-TL10, Jazz-TL20, Jazz-UL00, Mate 2, Mate 7
  • Mate 7 Dual, Mate 8, Mate S, MediaPad 10 Link+
  • Mediapad M1 8.0, MediaPad M2-801l
  • Mediapad X1 7.0, MT2-U071, MT2-U071, MT7-J1
  • MT7-L09, MT7-L09, MT7-L11, MT7-TL00, MT7-TL00
  • MT7-TL10, MT7-TL10A, MT7-TL20, MT7-UL00
  • Nxt-l09, NXT-L09A, NXT-L09B, NXT-L29, NXT-TL00A
  • P2-6011, P2-6013, P2-6070, P6S-U00, P6S-U04
  • P6S-U06, Huawei P7, P7-L00, P7-L05, P7-L07, P7-L09
  • P7-L10, P7-L11, P7-L12, P7-L15, P7-L18, Huawei P8
  • P8 Max 4G, P8 Premium Edition, P8 Standard Edition
  • P8-Lite, Huawei P9, P9 Lite, P9 Plus, PE-CL00, PE-CL10
  • PE-TL00M, PE-TL10, PE-TL20, PE-UL00, Pine-CL00
  • Pine-CL10, Pine-TL00M, Pine-TL10, Pine-TL20
  • Pine-UL00, PLK-AL10, PLK-C00, PLK-CL00, PLK-L01
  • PLK-L11, PLK-L21, PLK-TL00, PLK-TL01H
  • PLK-TL01H, PLK-TL11H, PLK-UL00, PLK-UL10
  • S8-301L, S8-301LM, S8-301u, S8-303L, S8-304LD
  • S8-306L, S8-30xL, VIE-L09, VIE-L29
  • VNS-L01, VNS-L02, VNS-L03, VNS-L11, VNS-L21
  • VNS-L22, VNS-L31, VNS-L53

Qcom tab: New Update v.

Released FRP REMOVE feature for:

  • Huawei Y560

Android ADB Tab:

New models in the list of supported:

  • Bmobile AX685 (MT6580)
  • BLU STUDIO 7.0 II (MT8382)
  • CCE SC452tv (MT6572)
  • Niu Andy 5.5e (MT6582)
  • Qmobile M90 (MT6582)

Sigma Pack 3 Qcom tab: New Alcatel Update

Released FRP REMOVE feature for the newest group of Qcom Alcatel/Vodafone models with Android 5.1 and higher.


  • One Touch Allura
  • One Touch Pop 3 (5.5)
  • One Touch Pop 4
  • One Touch Pop 4+
  • One Touch PIXI 4
  • One Touch Pixi 4 6.0
  • One Touch IDOL 4S
  • Flint
  • Fierce 4
  • IDOL 4


  • Tab Speed 6
  • Tab Prime 6
  • Tab Prime 7
  • Smart Platinum 7

More Huawei models added for FRP removal with new update of Sigma Pack 3 activation:

Added unlimited FRP REMOVE feature for the newest group of Huawei MTK models.

Supported devices:

    • TAG-L01
    • TAG-L03
    • TAG-L13
    • TAG-L21
    • TAG-L22
    • TAG-L23
    • TAG-L32
    • TAG-L01
    • LUA-U22
    • CUN-L01
    • CUN-L02
    • CUN-L03
    • CUN-L21
    • CUN-L22
    • CUN-L23
    • CUN-L33
    • CUN-U29
  • Huawei Y6 Elite
    • LYO-L01
    • LYO-L02
    • LYO-L21
  • Huawei Y6II compact
    • LYO-L01
    • LYO-L02
    • LYO-L21

Pack 3 Activation for Sigma - Package Content:

  • Virtual Activation Code for Pack 3

Please note that Sigma Box/Key is required to use this activation.

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