Smart Clip with Smart Adaptor + S-card

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Smart Clip is an outstanding unlock, flash, service tool box for Motorola, Alcatel, Motorola CDMA phones.



Smart Clip supported features

Smart Clip features for Motorola CDMA

• Restore IMEI in hybrid platform phones (first in the world)
• Read and write EVDO settings
• Read/Restore ESN and MEID
• Read hardware ESN, MEID and IMEI
• Reset codes in the CDMA models
• Backup / restore A-key, SSD, PRL
• Backup / restore phone flash
• Flash

Smart Clip futures for Motorola GSM

• flash/unlock solution for Motorola cells
• Supported platforms: Acer, MTK, P2K, LTE2, Argon, 3G, i-mode, Smart Phones and all ODM (Compal, Compal CDMA, ChiMei);
• Support PDS and IMEI repairing via flashing;
• Simple one-button standalone operation with older phone models;
• Free updates

Supported Motorola, Sendo, Sony Ericsson phones

Motorola A series: A1000; A1200; A630; A830; A835; A845; A920; A925; Aura;
Motorola C series: C115; C116; C117; C118; C123; C139; C140; C155; C156; C157; C168; C168i; C236; C250; C257; C261; C266; C268; C330; C331; C332; C333; C334; C335; C336; C350; C350l; C350v; C353; C355v; C359v; C370; C380; C385; C390; C450; C450l; C550; C650; C651; C975; C980;
Motorola E series: E1; E1000; E1070 (inc. fw ... F11P); E1075; E2; E365; E370; E375; E378i; E380; E396; E398; E550; E6; E770; E8; E920; EM30; EM325; EM35;
Motorola EX series: EX112; EX115; EX122; EX126; EX128; EX211; EX212;
Motorola F series: F3;
Motorola K series: K1; K1s; K3;
Motorola L series: L2; L6; L6 i-mode; L7; L7 i-mode; L71; L72; L7e; L9;
Motorola M series: M1000; M702iG; M702iS; MPx200; MPx220;
Motorola T series: T280; T280i; T720; T720i; T721; T722i; T725e;
Motorola U series: U3; U6; U9;
Motorola V series: V1050; V1075; V1100; V1150; V150; V151; V170; V171; V172; V175; V176; V177; V180; V186; V188; V190; V191; V195; V220; V226; V235; V3; V300; V303; V330; V360; V360v; V365; V3i; V3r; V3re (V3_06); V3t; V3v; V3x; V3xx; V3xx Cingular (North America); V400; V500; V505; V525; V525m; V535; V545; V547; V550; V551; V555; V557; V560; V6; V60; V600; V60i; V620; V635; V66; V66i; V690; V70; V80; V872; V878; V8_2Gb; V8_2Gb_Luxury; V8_512Mb; V9; V975; V980; VE66;
Motorola W series: W156; W160; W161; W175; W177; W180; W181; W205; W206; W208; W209; W213; W215; W218; W220; W230; W231; W233; W270; W360; W375; W377; W388; W396; W397v; W450; W490; W5; W510; W6;
Motorola WX series: WX160; WX161; WX180; WX181; WX260; WX265; WX280; WX288; WX290; WX295; WX345; WX390; WX395;
Motorola Z series: Z3; Z6; Z6w; ZN200; ZN5; ZN5_128Mb;
Sendo S2xx/S3xx/P2xx/M5xx/S6xx: D800; M550; P200; P230; S200; S230; S600;
Sony Ericsson: J100; J110i; J120i; J132; T250i; T303; Z250i; Z320i;

Smart Clip Alcatel

Alcatel: Elle N3; Elle N5; Elle N9; Mandarina Duck; MissSixty; MSX10; OT-103; OT-105; OT-108; OT-203; OT-204; OT-206; OT-208; OT-209; OT-216; OT-222; OT-233; OT-255; OT-280; OT-303; OT-304; OT-305; OT-305A; OT-306; OT-335D; OT-355; OT-380; OT-383; OT-383A; OT-505; OT-506; OT-508; OT-565; OT-600; OT-606; OT-660; OT-665; OT-706; OT-708; OT-710; OT-710D; OT-799; OT-800 / VM800; OT-802; OT-802M; OT-802Y; OT-803; OT-803D; OT-806; OT-806D; OT-807; OT-807D; OT-808; OT-808G; OT-808M; OT-809; OT-810; OT-813; OT-813D; OT-818; OT-818D; OT-819; OT-819D; OT-828; OT-880; OT-888; OT-888D; OT-AM01; OT-B331; OT-C700; OT-C701; OT-C707; OT-C717; OT-C819D; OT-C820; OT-C825; OT-I650; OT-I802; OT-I808; OT-I818; OT-I880; OT-I888; OT-I898; OT-MS02; OT-Q3; OT-S215; OT-S218; OT-S319; OT-S320; OT-S321; OT-S520; OT-S521; OT-S621; OT-S626; OT-V570; OT-V607; OT-V670; OT-V770;

Smart Clip CDMA phones

Motorola A series: A840; A860;
Motorola C series: C290; C343; C364;
Motorola E series: E815;
Motorola K series: K1m;
Motorola L series: L7c;
Motorola T series: T720c;
Motorola V series: V260; V262; V265; V266; V276; V323; V323i; V325; V325i; V325xi; V3a; V3c; V3m; V710; V750; V810; V9m; VE20; VU204; VU30;
Motorola W series: W315; W385; W755;
Motorola Z series: Z6c; Z6m; Z6tv; ZN4;

Package content*

Smart-Clip box
• S-Card
• Smart adapter
• Cable, based on PL2303 chip, for Compal/Chi Mei-based phones
• Cable, based on PL2303 chip, for V690, V872, V878 Chi Mei-based phones
• Cable, based on PL2303 chip, for Sony Ericsson J110i, J120, T250i, Z250i, Z320i
• USB Cable Based on PL2303 Chip for Motorola WX-series and Alcatel/Vodafone MTK Phones
• RJ45 cable for Sony Ericsson J100
• USB cable, based on PL2303 chip, for Motofone F3 unlocking with SmartMoto
• RJ45, 2.5 mm HJ cable for Acer models
• P2K USB Data Cable
• Mini USB Data Cable
• Smart TestPoint v2.0.
• Mains AC/DC Power Adaptor

* Please note that sales package content may vary and might change without notification.