Buy unlock hardware for gsm mobile phones

Buy Unlock Hardware for GSM Mobile Phones

Are you looking to buy unlock hardware for GSM mobile phones such as iPhones and Android devices?

Under iBoxstore’s Unlock Hardware category, you’ll find a variety of reliable devices for unlocking your devices. We specialize mainly in:

  • Boxes and Dongles
  • Cables and Adapters
  • And other Handy Equipment for Servicing Your Mobile Phone.

Selecting the Ideal Unlock Hardware is Essential

Mobile phones are excellent devices that make our lives less complicated. However, problems like unlocking could arise and you’d need to find the right devices or equipment for unlocking and servicing your phone.

In fact, flashing and backing up data are two essential aspects of maintaining the functionality of mobile gadgets. Now, the tech and hardware market is filled with million-and-one products that guarantee you stress-free unlocking.

However, we have discovered that there are secrets you must know before you buy unlock hardware for your mobile phone.

First, understand that there are different kinds of hardware. Some phone brands design their own unlocking devices. And these could provide the maximum results which you desire in an unlocking device. However, there are also universal unlocking devices which you can use for multiple devices.

Many multiple-devices unlock hardware come with many benefits which make them trusted. Not only do these devices work on a series of phone brands but they also provide services which some unique boxes and dongles may not provide.

The bottom line:

Our Unlock Hardware category comprises a rich collection of boxes and dongles and cables. And they are perfect for both popular smartphones as well as other existing brands. You only have to find the unlock hardware that’s suitable for your device and can efficiently format data, restore data or conduct any other phone/SIM card action.   

Cables and Adapters for Mobile Phones

The section also includes adapters and cables, which are required for boxes and dongles using. The cables sets can be basic and advanced. The product name and product page shows all parameters and characteristics.

Without cables and adapters for mobile phones, there’s no way you can connect the boxes and dongles to your PC. Hence, cables and adapters are a MUST-BUY.

Now, it would be great to get a custom package which combines the repair box and the ideal cables and adapters. Nonetheless, if you don’t get a custom package, you can still select the cables and adapters that meet your unlocking needs.

Interestingly, most cables can only work with a specific box model. Thus, it’s vital that you read the instructions on an unlock box as soon as you purchase it. With this information, you can decide the ideal cable for your box and PC.

Likewise, note that there are universal cables which can be used for more than one smartphone. These cables save you the stress of getting one cable for each box.

We also provide adapters that substitute your available sockets.

Let’s take you through some of our products.

ISP-JTAG Adapter 5-IN-1 by Moorc

This adapter works with all JTAG EMMC boxes and is excellent for programming and reading JPIN outputs. Also, it’s a perfect tool for the popular Medusa pro and Riff boxes.  

Factory Pro Cable for Motorola

Most Motorola phones have the battery charging problem and this interferes with flashing actions or other form of repair issues. When the battery is low, it becomes impossible to continue programming.

However, with the Motorola Factory Pro Cable, you can do without a battery while programming or running other updates. This enables you to put the phone in fastboot mode and continue with your actions.

We like to see the Pro Cable as the “battery headache remover.”    

Boxes and Dongles

Boxes and dongles for mobile phone unlock are generally important. They make it pretty easy for you to unlock, root, flash, and save data available on your phone. Our available boxes and dongles come in a variety of forms – universal and brand defined.

Boxes helps you to restore the phone, to format the data, there are other features on the page of each product.

Boxes and dongles can be compatible with one or two brands. There isn`t any one solution for all brands. But you can choose a model that is compatible with the right manufacturers for you, and all the accessories for it. In this section there are all products in the category “Unlock hardware”. License and activation for some of them can be found in the “Unlock software”.

The beauty of these boxes is that they’re available for brands such as:

  • Samsung
  • LG
  • Sagem
  • Nokia
  • Huawei
  • iPhone
  • Vodafone
  • Motorola
  • ZTE
  • China Mobile

These are only some of the popular brands which our boxes and dongles are suitable for. Yet, our universal boxes include:

  • GPG EMMC Box with 33 Easy Jigs in the Set
  • Furious Gold Dongle Lite USB Key

Let’s not tell you everything now. Visit our Unlock Hardware category to find the best unlock boxes, dongles, cables, and adapters for your smartphone.