Buy unlock hardware for gsm mobile phones

Equipment for unlocking and servicing of mobile phones is useful for the masters, professionals and ordinary users. If you need to unlock your phone or change the advanced settings, there is a wide range of suitable equipment. It is divided into hardware and software. Some of them are almost universal, some of them are for certain brands or smartphone processors. In this section you can find the unlock hardware for the most popular smartphones: Nokia, LG, Samsung, Apple, Sony, Alcatel, HTC, Blackberry and others.

Looking through the catalog, you can see that the choice of products is very diverse. Let's look at the main types of unlock hardware, which can be found on our website. The section contains dongles. It`s a usb-hubs that are designed for a variety of actions with your smartphone and sim card. Many of them are suitable for multiple brands. Full list of brands and models is on the product pages.

The repair boxes are designed for a wide range of work equipment - from data formatting to unlock and managing absolutely all settings and parameters. Boxes helps you to restore the phone, to format the data, there are other features on the page of each product.

The section also includes adapters and cables, which are required for boxes and dongles using. The cables sets can be basic and advanced. The product name and product page shows all parameters and characteristics.

Boxes and dongles can be compatible with one or two brands. There isn`t any one solution for all brands. But you can choose a model that is compatible with the right manufacturers for you, and all the accessories for it. In this section there are all products in the category “Unlock hardware”. License and activation for some of them can be found in the “Unlock software”.