Boxes and dongles for mobile phones unlock

Best Unlocking Boxes and Dongles for Mobile Phones

Mobile phones often require unlocking or repairs. And the best tools for this purpose are unlocking boxes and dongles. With an unlock box, you can reset your phone, solve any software problems you might have, and carry out IMEI repair among other things.

On iBOX Store, you’ll find a variety of affordable yet high-quality boxes and dongles to unlock or repair your mobile phone irrespective of the phone model you use.

We not only provide the best unlocking box for all phones, but we also ensure that you’re satisfied with the product(s) you purchase on our online hardware and software store.

The main functions of boxes and dongles are following: reading the blocked access codes, reset phone, updating the network settings, the elimination of software problems, formatting file system and language packs, IMEI repair etc. In more recent models functionality is much broader and the possibilities are virtually unlimited. This equipment will allow you to virtually create your smartphone again.

Why do You Need Boxes and Dongles?

Getting an unlocking box for all phones can be a daunting task. Why? Most people find it difficult to choose an unlock box product from online stores. Now, below are reasons why you need an unlock box:

  • An unlock box is designed to flash your cell phone, unlock the phone or provide other services
  • Other phone problems like sim unlock can easily be fixed with a phone unlock box
  • Device recovery or dead boot repairs becomes easier with unlocking boxes and dongles.

Hence, how do you choose the best unlocking box for your Android phone?

Types of Boxes and Dongles that you can buy

Some box unlock have been designed to work with specific phone models. Yet, there are others such as Sigma which you can use for any type of smartphone.

iBox Store offers boxes and dongles for the following brands:

Sample Products on iBox Store

With the Sigma Box, you can flash, unlock, and repair phones for multiple manufacturers. Apart from the fact that this tool makes mobile unlocking extremely easy, it enables users to retain their data while carrying out repairs.

Another interesting aspect of this multi-use tool is its updated operating system functionality. Besides, trying to get codes on phone requires no internet connection and the tool can generate multiple code types.

The Infinity Box Dongle is a Chinese miracle tool which comes as a dongle instead of the popular box. This dongle for mobile phone can fix all problems ranging from bugs to flashing. And it supports both GSM and CDMA.

Again, it is perfect for formatting your file system, clearing phone lock code, and upgrading your device firmware.

There’s no denying the fact that unlocking boxes and dongles are the best options for mobile phone flashing and unlocking. Other products you may want to consider include the UMT Dongle Unlock Tool, Avengers Box Unlock, and the ever efficient Z3X Box Pro Samsung Original with 4 Cable Set.

Wrapping Up

We’ve discussed the importance of unlocking boxes and dongles and highlighted the features of some of our best products. Irrespective of the mobile phone you own, iBox Store has the ideal unlock box or dongle box for your needs.

Above all, remember that getting the best unlocking box is a matter of research and a clear understanding of the features of the product you choose.

Do you have any questions about making a purchase for a single-model box unlock or multi-brand unlocking/flashing tool? Read the guide on how to order.