Unlock Dongles and Flash Box for Huawei Mobile Phones

If you own a Huawei mobile phone, then it’s possible that you’ve had to find an unlock dongle for repair. Unlock dongles and flash box for Huawei phones are designed to unlock, flash, and carry out other supported repairs. With the right devices, you are guaranteed a good experience with your smartphone.

iBoxstore provides Huawei unlock dongles and flash box can read information on your phone, perform direct unlock and factory reset, reset FRP, and repair Bluetooth MAC. It can also repair vendor and country code.

Now, we have a variety of dongles which perform phone unlock and repair services. Not only are our products high-quality, they also come at affordable prices which enable you to save costs.

Let’s take you through some of our products and their individual features.

Unlock Dongles and Flash Box for Huawei

We recognize the fact that it’s not always easy to find the right mobile unlock dongle. And this is largely due to the many stores which claim to sell reliable tools.

How do you identify a product that’s true to its specifications? What factors should you consider before buying a repair tool for your Huawei mobile phone?

An efficient unlock dongle and flash box can perform the following:

  • Read password
  • Read/Write Flash
  • Reboot Recovery
  • Back up contacts
  • Restore contacts
  • Clear phone settings
  • Reset user lock
  • Unlock Google Lock
  • Wipe cache
  • Unlock phone

These are some of the typical functions of an unlock dongle. In addition, the best flash box is designed with updates and upgrades which enable it to handle fixes and improve its functionality.

Another feature that a high-performing unlock dongle for Huawei should have is the multiple CPU compatibility. Various CPU types include MTK, ZTE, Microsoft, CDMA, Qualcomm and more.

Miracle Box with Miracle Key Dongle

The Miracle Box is a multi-device box which comes with its own key dongle. It works perfectly for Huawei mobile phones as well as Samsung, MTK, RDA, HTC, Nokia, and more.

It can perform the following functions:

  • Solve forgotten pattern problems
  • Repair IMEI
  • Phone unlock
  • Fix firmware files

This unlimited phone flashing box makes it possible for you to fix your Huawei mobile phone or other devices without spending so much. Interestingly, the Mobile Box is one of the best repair boxes in 2018.   

Miracle Box Huawei Tool Activation

Some of the boxes and dongles unlock dongles and flash boxes require activation. Without this software, it becomes impossible to use your repair box.

This activation pack lasts for a year and contains a Miracle key serial number which you can access through a Miracle Key SN Reader. Note that the serial number always begins with MICBX letters.

Furious Gold Box Fully Activated

This universal box works for Huawei phones as well as other mobile devices. Its basic functions are unlocking, flashing, and servicing mobile phones. As a matter of fact, this is one of the oldest repair tools in the hardware industry.

It is available in models such as CB630, KB770, CU915, U250, and many more. It has 26 cables and Furious packs 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/11.

Inferno Dongle MTK Activated

Inferno Dongle MTK Deactivated performs the basic functions of a repair box. These include reading info, flashing file, format, resetting pin/pattern lock, root, remove virus, read/write flash, bootloader fastboot, and more.

You can get more information in the manual before you make your purchase.

Before you place your order, carefully read the information on the product you choose. Please note that mistakes made with activation may be difficult to correct.

We are always happy to provide the best unlock dongles and flash box for Huawei phones. And if we don’t have what you need, we’d go the extra mile to help you.