Iphone dongles and unlock boxes - buy online

iPhone, the Apple's greatest creation, made a revolution in a world of mobile phones. One of the founders and ideological inspirers of the company Steve Jobs was always looking for balance and harmony. Apple users know that this device has al the software and hardware as powerful as you need for comfortable work. The same applies to the devices' design - start from their form and end to the charger. Apple is a combination of style, comfort, status and functionality.

They say that once you start using Apple's device, you will never go back to any other.

If you are looking for a new iPhone, you already know that a locked phone will cost you much cheaper. Locked means that the phone is tied to a specific mobile operator which sells this device, and your iPhone will be able to work only with the SIM card of that operator. There are several ways to unlock your phone. You can use the R-sim, which will allow the locked iPhone to work with the SIM card of another operator. R-sim is inserted into the connector for the phone SIM card and stays in there permanently. In addition you need the Jailbreak for the correct work of all iPhone's functions. You can find full information about iPhone's unlocking in Unlock Software section.

You can also get the information about the unlock boxes and dongles and selection of secure codes on this page. Box iterates all the numbers from 0000 to 9999. It takes time, but finally you will get the unlocked iPhone.

Assortment of the boxes for the iPhone is small, because the brand is committed to protecting its products. However, on our site you will find everything you need to get iPhone with full functionality.

In addition to boxes and R-sim, there are also cables and adapters for unlocking equipment.

Some boxes are compatible with other brands and models of phones. Also the LG phones unlock boxes and dongles section is popular. The list of products is constantly updated, more detailed information is available in an online chat.