Boxes and dongles for lg mobile phones

As well as the Samsung, LG is the major South Korean company, which is engaged in the production of various types of electronics. In recent years, the company's smartphones have become popular among users who prefer high-quality phones with high level assembly, because of which the flagship devices have risen on one line with the latest smartphones from Apple and Samsung. This company was the first who released device on a modular architecture, that allows users to replace a variety of important parts of the phone (camera, radio, etc). Subsequently, modular technology may lead us to the possibility of replacing the processor, which will greatly complicate the process of unlocking, rooting and making the backup of the phone’s system. However, on this page you'll find boxes and dongles and keys for LG phones and smartphones by which you will be able to carry out operations on the devices of the company, such as:

  • Unlocking the phone from a mobile operator.
  • Creating a backup and recovery system.
  • Installing additional languages ​​and removing unnecessary ones.
  • Changing the device's file system.
  • Provide administrator rights, etc.

Note that some devices are universal and allow you to work with smartphones of other companies, which will increase the number of potential customers. Also please notice that in addition to the device itself you'll also need the cables and adapters to connect to PCs and smartphones, as well as the activation of access to servers with all necessary information. So please pay attention to the packaging of each product: you can find both bundles with the cables and necessary activators. However, you can always get all the components you need in the relevant sections of our shop, in some cases - with discounts up to 15%.

If you want to get hardware for other smartphones please note that there is a remote access to such equipment. Those hardware can also be found on our website under Samsung unlock boxes and dongles.