Unlock hardware for almost all phone brands

Boxes and dongles is an unlock hardware to give a new life for smartphones. Using a box or a dongle you can root, unlock, flash and recover your phone. The full list of functions is pretty long and amazing. For example, most of the models let you to restore phone without losing data. Also you can make moves with IMEI, system information, update and upgrade your OS. So let`s take a look on some unlock hardware options.

IMEI repair. Changing IMEI can be dangerous, but in som e cases it will let you to open a new features of your smartphone. IMEI change will make your device untraceable and unreachable. Also you can fix invalid IMEI or repair/restore your device. And the last preference - you can get a nice numbers in your IMEI.

Flashing firmware. You probably flashed your android device with FlashTool at least once. But flashing with unlock hardware is more powerful and deep. It brings you more functions, more features. FlashTool just change your firmware and it works not in 100% cases.

Dead boot repair. If your flash was unsuccessful, you`ll need to repair dead boot. With unlock hardware this process can be more resultative and end up successfully.

Repair bricked phone. It`s related with dead boot repair. During flash you can get a brick - a smartphone with white or boot screen that doesn`t react on any of your actions. Unlock hardware can help you to fix this problem and bring your phone back to life.

To know more functions and information, please visit product pages and read the descriptions. Also you can visit other sections, for example the one with HTC boxes and dongles. Our online chat can help you to choose and buy everything you need.