Sagem unlock boxes and dongles

An interesting fact about cell phones Sagem: the 1999 model Sagem MC 850 was the world's first phone with T9 dialing technology - text on nine keys. Today we live in a world of touchscreen smartphones, and the technology is hardly ever used, but in its time it was a revolutionary solution for push mobile phones. Who is T9 meet except in Internet memes, but sometimes our mothers and grandmothers still asked to type a text message on their touch-tone telephone, and if we go back to childhood.

Sagem producing phones for Vodafone and SonyEricsson, it is the largest producer of industrial phones at one time. They were mostly robust monoblock in protected enclosures, durable and strong.

Today, the target audience of the brand remains faithful to him. Therefore, you are now on the page where you can choose and buy equipment to unlock and service Sagem phones. Here are the box and especially for Sagem handsets, and universal boxes and dongles.

Boxes and dongles are made for deep settings changing. There are two ways to change your system settings – hardware way and software way. If you decided to choose the software way, then look to “Unlock software” section. And here, on this page, you will find a hardware to root, unlock and repair your Sagem cellphone.

For more information about boxes and dongles you can visit official resources, read the following documentation, take a look at the product page. Box and dongle can be universal or made just for one brand. It`s complicated and you should made your decision with all the attention. For example, we have a section with Blackberry unlock boxes.

We wish you a good shopping and remind that we deliver to more than a 450 countries. Enjoy!