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The most reliable and common way to unlock, root and flash your smartphone is to use specialized devices - boxes, dongles, keys, etc. But for many of modern devices you are able to use software methods. You can choose the software that is able to perform the same operation as the hardware tools without the need to purchase additional devices, cables and accessories.

However, the usage of these programs is provided on a fee basis. Typically, this software is limited to a number of uses or the number of available features. In addition, some organizations provide their boxes and dongles with remote access to them, but this feature is also available after payment. On this page you will find all possible items which will help you to unlock the functionality of these programs and to get access to remote servers, such as:

  • Credits for unlocking the user and server boxes.
  • Activators for a single device unlocking via software.
  • Licenses for the limited use of the software.
  • Endless credits to unlock specific phone model, etc.

Please note that if you need to unlock a sufficiently large number of devices from different manufacturers, more profitable for you will be to purchase unlocking devices themselves. In addition, we provide our customers bundles - sets with unlocking devices and accessories for them at a lower price. You can see a list of available equipment and accessories and select the required goods on "Unlocking Hardware" page. We deliver equipment in more than 450 countries by the fastest courier services.

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Mobile phones are unlocked because they are usually locked to the network which originally sold them. This is done so as to wave out upfront fees for customers thereby reducing the cost of the mobile. This is normal with phones bought from a provider; it is only the provider's network that will work on the phone. The phone might be compatible with other network but will not work on another network as long as it is locked.

The phone's original network restricts it to only work with SIM cards that connect to that network's signal; this implies that the SIM lock is activated to one particular network. The process of unlocking the phone or network implies removing the lock totally, this will allow the phone to accept any SIM card from anywhere around the world as long as it is compatible. An unlock code is necessary for the process of phone unlocking, this unlock code differs in phones and can be found with its IMEI number.

An unlocked phone can also be used on any GSM network which has interchangeable SIM cards. However, the unlocked phones which are sold by online sellers were unlocked with a special phone unlock software. An unlocked phone will recognize and accept any SIM card. Mobile phone buyers are patronizing unlocked mobile phone market these days. Unlocked phones were usually available in some markets where people buy phones outside their country. Travelers normally buy unlocked phones to avoid roaming charges.

A new mobile phone which is bought through a carrier's service plan links its SIM card to the personal information of the subscriber for billing. Most phones are locked by programming its software in such as way that it will only accept and allow the carriers SIM card to work on it.

Below are some APK (software) to SIM Unlock your Android Phone:

  • Device SIM Unlock: This is an application specially designed for unlocking Android device's SIM. It can be used to unlock phones like HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony, Alcatel, etc. It is very easy and simple to use. It can be downloaded through Play Store. Reviews from former users will convince you.
  • GalaxySim Unlock: Galxsim unlock is specifically made Samsung Galaxy phone/tablet SIM unlock. This app is designed in such as way that it can be used to change the SIM network without requiring any code or unlock PIN. You only have to purchase it from Play Store in order to SIM unlock your Samsung Galaxy. Its instructions are easy to follow.
  • Android SIM Unlock: Android SIM unlock is very easy, fast and quick to use. It can be used on over 400 Samsung Android devices and it is intended to likely support all Android devices. It has just 3 simple steps to SIM unlock your Android devices.
  • Phone Unlock Codes: This app is affordable and reliable. You only need to provide it with your phone's IMEI code and the app will automatically generate a code for unlocking the device. It can be used to generate code for Huawei, Samsung, L.G., Nokia, etc.
  • SIM Unlock for HTC Phones: This app is only used to unlock HTC devices. You need to make some payment to get the unlock code needed to unlock the device via this app. It comes with an easy to use interface.

NOTE: Cell phones are designed to work with certain network unless they are advertised as unlocked phones.