Credits for mobile phones flashing, unlocking and repair

The most reliable way to unlock your phone from your mobile operator is to use specialized devices, such as boxes, dongles and keys. However, if you are not an employee of the service center, and you need to unlock only a very limited number of devices, the purchase of high-grade device, all the accessories and the activator may be too expensive and not required so much.

Fortunately, nowadays there are special servers that allow to process a majority of the most important operation on the phone without need in purchasing the equipment listed above. But access to them is also provided for a fee by a special credits.

On that page you can find credits and licenses for phones unlock software. Using this software, you will be able to unlock iPhones, Android-based phones from popular manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony, etc. That will give you many features:

  • Main task: network unlocking for iPhone or Android-based phones;
  • Several unlocking ways: you can unlock your device permanently and before next reflashing;
  • Ability for updating and customization: you may change phone’s language, update the firmware, permanently root Android-based phones, unlock the bootloader, etc.
  • Hardware sets: it’s possible to diagnose phone’s problems, revive dead phones and simply display full phone information.

All these features come with simple and user friendly GUI and will allow you to perform every unlocking task without any dongle or box. Also you can find unlock hardware activations in neighbour section.