Server access for unlock software

Nowadays, many phone retailers offer better prices to customers who will draw up a contract with a particular mobile operator. The downside of this agreement is the fact of inability of using this device with other SIM cards in the networks of other mobile operators. In particular, it's an inconvenience for business people who travel frequently on business and personal interests.

In addition, many Android devices come with a lot of pre-installed software, which is almost never used and takes place on the system partition in built-in storage, which even in modern devices often have a small amount of memory.

To help to correct these inconveniences there are created specialized devices such as boxes and dongles. They allow you to unlock the device and provide the user with administrative privileges (root) to add the ability to uninstall unnecessary software. In addition, with the help of these tools, you can make a backup of the system partition and restore Android-device system and add the missing language packs.

However, even in the case of acquisition of one of these devices, you will still need to access the servers that store all the necessary information - current version of firmware, language packs, release the necessary commands, etc. To access the server, you`ll need a special unlock software - activation codes which are unique for each server. In this section you will be able to find the right codes for the servers that include the ability to unlock the iPhone, as well as devices from such companies as Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony, and many others.

Please check before ordering, for how long the access to servers is offered - one year, two years, etc. Also note that it can be accessed only for a certain number of times.

If you do not have a box or dongle yet, you can find the perfect device in "Unlocking Hardware" section. For buy box credits visit the Credits section. Please note that activators are already included for some unlocking devices.