Z3X Pro Box Samsung plus Lg Metal Edition

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Z3X Box Samsung plus LG version is one of the greatest and most frequently updated tool for service, unlock, flash and repair on the market. This Z3X Box supports the latest Samsung Galaxy phones.



Z3X Box LG plus Samsung metal edition is a popular tool to unlock, flash, service, IMEI repair Samsung and LG phones. It can help you to restore your smartphone, change settings, flash system and memory, configure files and even more. This tool is one of the most outstanding among all unlock hardware. The Metal edition is more tough and resistant than ever. 

The main information about Z3X Box Samsung plus LG Metal Edition Box:

• Automatic login from Z3X Shell to support area (Support Button)

• This box uses flash files in their original format (only UMTS)

• Deals with swap PCB

• Firmware online update of Smart Card

• Multilanguage interface

• Manage and configure files exchange between users

• Service features (LCD contrast/Battery calibration/RX TX reset)

• Loading news about update versions and plans from the server

• Displays info about connection type (with battery or without battery) automatically

• Agere, Sysol, Swift, Infineon, OMAP and Qualcomm platforms are supported

• You can select phone model from the alphabetical-placed list from Z3X Shell

• Information about required cable for each of selected models is displaying automatically


Z3X Box Samsung and LG Metal edition compatibility:

We have tested in-house installing Z3X on multiple platforms, it`s confirmed that Z3X box works fine on the next Windows Operating Systems:

  • Win XP

  • Win 7 32/64 bit

  • Win 10 64bit

You can see all supported models in “Specification” tab.




New models added. Functions: Direct Unlock, Read codes, Repair IMEI, BT/Wi-Fi, R/W/R EEPROM, Read Full Flash, Read info.


LG D331, LG D335, LG D337, LG H500, LG H500F, LG H500G, LG H500T, LG H502, LG H502F, LG H502G, LG H502T, LG H320, LG H320AR, LG H320MB, LG H324, LG H324T, LG H324TR, LG H326G, LG H326T (Direct Unlock, Read codes, Repair IMEI, BT/Wi-Fi, R/W/R EEPROM, Read FEPROM, Read Full Flash, Read info)

Z3X Box MTK Addition function added:

Direct UNLOCK + IMEI1 , IMEI2 and WIFI+BT repair for old models :

LG D100,LG D100AR,LG D100F,LG D100G,LG D100J,LG D105,LG D105F,LG D107FLG D213,LG D213AR,LG D213C,LG D213CF,LG D213CJ,LG D213F,LG D213N,LG D213TRLG E440,LG E440F,LG E440G,LG E440J,LG E445,LG E450,LG E450B,LG E450F,LG E450GLG E450J,LG E451G,LG E455,LG E455F,LG E455G,LG E460,LG E460F

Addition function added:- Write EEPROM Function

Qualcomm 9008 (qhsusb_buld) Repair Tool news

QHSUSB 9008 Mode Read/Write BOOT:

LG D850 

LG D851 

LG D852 

LG D855 

LG MS500 

LG D500 

Generic MSM7x30 

Generic MSM8x10 

Generic MSM8x25 

Generic MSM8x25A 

Generic MSM8x25Q 

Generic MSM8064 

Generic MSM8660 

Generic MSM8930 

Generic MSM8960 

Generic MSM8974 













NOKIA 925 RM892 

Added TP view for semi dead devices for forcing 9008 tp mode

LG cell phone cables:

LG 8110
LG 510
LG KU311
LG U8150
LG C1100
LG VX6000
LG U8110F
LG 7050
LG 1100
LG B1300
LG KE500
LG LX1200
LG U8110
LG B2100
LG C2200
LG KG800

Samsung cell phone cables:

Samsung E700
Samsung E810
Samsung Z500
Samsung Z105
Samsung D720
Samsung Z320i
Samsung V804
Samsung C268
Samsung C140
Samsung C160
Samsung E530
Samsung E860
Samsung X540
Samsung C180
Samsung S100
Samsung J750
Samsung D800
Samsung D500
Samsung C450
Samsung E210+RJ45
Samsung 730SC
Samsung g600
Samsung m600
Samsung e250
Samsung d880
Samsung g810
Samsung i8510
Samsung s8300
Samsung i8910
Samsung C3300k
Samsung F679
Samsung B3210
Samsung E800
Samsung A288


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