Z3X Samsung PRO Activation Update

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Z3X Samsung PRO activation allows You to use latest samsung updates.  Z3X Samsung Pro activation is required in case your smart card was activated before 20 of July 2014 



Z3X Samsung PRO Activation | New update for latest Samsung phones unlocking.
This update is necessary for all Z3X Samsung cards activated before July 2014 , for Z3X Samsung Pro activation smart card serial number is required.
New phones supported and features
  • SC-04F (Direct unlock, Cert read/write, Patch Cert, Repair IMEI 1/2, flashing)
  • SM series
  • G8508 ,G870A ,G870F ,G870W ,C101 (Direct unlock, Cert read/write, Patch Cert, Repair IMEI 1/2, flashing)
  • GT-I9060C (Direct unlock, Cert read/write, Patch Cert, Repair IMEI 1/2, flashing)
  • SGH-T199 (Flashing, Direct Unlock, Read codes, Read/Write QCN)

How To Activate Z3X Samsung Pro tool after activation purchase video tutorial:

Updates for Z3X Samsung Pro activated boxes 
  • -Updated android flasher protocol (ODIN 3.10.6, S6 flashing support and other new qualcomm models 
  • Fixed:
  •  fix "Select FDL1 file" in flashing C3520I
  •  fix I8550x repair (no present port)
  •  fix T235Y write cert 
  • T211 missing in last soft
  •  c3262 unlock, repair fixed
  •  Fixed empty list of server files in presets
  • Fixed PRO strings (update, check SW)
  •  fix read cert SPD
  •  exynos critical bugfix in decrypt (NULL/NULL after operation)
  • S3802 C3590/2 fix reading security error (new firmwares support)
Z3X Samsung Pro activation first in the world added models:
  • support SM-G9198  - first in the world
  • support SM-N7502 
  • support SM-N7506V 
  • support SM-N7508V 
  • support SM-N7509V
  • support SM-T365F0 
  • support SM-T905  - first in the world
Supported features of above mentioned phones:
  • Flashing, Unlock, Read/Write/Reset EFS,
  • Read/Write QCN, Read/Write SEC,
  • Write CERT, reset MSL, wipe NVM,
  • Activate diag, reboot to download/recovery
New features added for:
Flashing, Read/Write/Reset EFS,
reboot to download/recovery
  • SM-T710 
  • SM-T810 
  • SM-T900  
First in the world for :
  • Flashing, Unlock,
  • Read codes,
  • Read/Write/Reset EFS,
  • Read/Write CERT,
  • reboot to download/recovery
Supported models
  • SM-T715N0 
  • SM-T815N0 
  • SM-T817W 
  • SM-N916K 
  • SM-N916L 
  • SM-N916S 
By purchasing Z3X Pro Samsung activation from our IBoxStore network you will receive fast activation and discount program for your next purchases

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